Promoting Your Story! I will read yours if you will read mine. :)

Thanks for posting to the thread. Your story looks interesting.

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Thanks for posting to the thread. Mafia Family. Nice. I love drama and romance

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My story has released Season 2 Episode 2!!
I know I got off schedule with updates but I am finally getting back to normal​:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Title: Swapped!

Author: Vic_Creations

Genre: Comedy

Style: Limelight

Current season: Season 2

Description: Evie and Ash were enemies. But hey, don’t they say people bond over a common problem? Well that’s true in the case of Evie and Ash. A spirit informs them that they are reincarnation of hitmen, and must undo the wrongs. Plus their genders are Swapped as punishment! With new friends, new enemies, and a mysterious man, will they even make it out alive?!



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Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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Here’s my story I’m up for a read for read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Title: Espionage
Author: Simply_Sophie
Style: Ink
Genres: Action, Drama, Romance,
Main Genre: Action
Amount of chapters: 3
CC: No
Number of LI’s: 1 (but won’t be able to choose)
Story description: Aiden is a lethal CIA agent on the battle field, but on a team of the worlds best? While taking down an international threat romance, drama and the past catch up…

Instagram: Sophieb_epi


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Read your story. Check your Instagram.

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Here’s my story. I’m a new author too so would love the support! Also down for R4R! :blush:

Title: Secrets and Lies
Link to my story:
Description: Can you enjoy life to the full while keeping your biggest secret hidden? Or will your past expose you and throw you knee deep into a living nightmare… (CC, LL, Choices Matter, Sounds & Music, Advanced Directing)
Genre: Drama
Insta: @lxs.episode

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Thank you!

Check your Instagram :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting to the thread. Nice cover. :slight_smile:

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Hi! Thank you so much for this thread. :heart: You’re so kind!
I’d love to support small authors too, so if you (or anyone else) is interested in a R4R, please DM me on here or on Instagram! :yum:

Here’s my story:

Title: Under Your Control
Author: Linsee H.
Instagram: @linsee.stories
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Style: LL
CC : Full CC for the MC and LI.
Description: The mysterious hot stranger you meet at college awakens forbidden desires within you. Will the burning passion survive when his criminal family discovers you?

Hey thanks for posting to the thread. Nice cover and your story looks interesting. I am still getting down the thread, but as soon I get to your story. Expect a message :slight_smile:

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You post your story twice. It had me confused.

Probably I just forgot I had posted here the first time, sorry for that lol

Its cool, reading your story now :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone,

Please do not forget this thread is for R4R, when I read your story, please read one of mine. Screen shots can be message to me via episode community or Instagram. If you read my story before I get to yours I will make sure to read yours next.

If I really love the story I will continue to follow up on the story. Just FYI.

Hey, thanks for this thread​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:. Here’s my story
Title: Against All Odds
Author: Junaha
Instagram: @episode_jun
Genre: Drama
Episode: 3 released
Style: Limelight
Love interest : 1
Choices : Choices matter but not a major effect in the story line
Description : August has been running away from her tragic past all her life. What will happen when her first and only love reappears in her life and she is forced to work under him? Will broken hearts be mended or will they be broken even more?
Link :

Stay safe and do let me know if you like it❤

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Check your Instagram.

I’d love to do a R4R with feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Story Title- Roses and Daggers
Author- Natasha
Instagram- @natasha.stories
Genre- Drama/ Romance/ Mystery/ Action
Chapters- 3 (More chapters coming soon)
Description- Katherine, a ruthless and cold businesswoman who has it all. But that’s not enough for her. Living a double life as a huntress is a huge risk and so is falling in love.

Full CC for the YOU character | No CC for the MC and LI | Mini Games | Choices Matter

Hope you enjoy the story :sparkles:

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Hey, I read your story. Need your Instagram