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looks good, just posted!

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Looks amazing, posted!

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Posted the first one will post the second tomorrow!

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And so beautiful, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you, lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Thank you for this, I just followed you. Here’s my story.

Title: Something About You LL
Description: Social outcast Rosslyn prefers hiding her secret rock star identity. What will happen when the popular Ben discovers it? Will their hatred grow or will they get to know each other?
Author: Soupy
Genre: Romance
Story Cover:

Your Instagram @: soupy.writes
Anything else?: Full CC, 1 LI

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Title: At the Crack of Dawn

Author: ESS

Genre: Fantasy

With the appearance of supernatural powers, vampires and murder, Zora’s aimless life is suddenly clouded by darkness. Will Zora be consumed by the shadows or emerge as the light?


Instagram: @ess.writes

Here is my story :blob_hearts:

Title: All United
Author: Laura :woman_technologist:
Instagram: @_laura_episode

Description: As you return from the summer holidays, your close friend ends up dead. So secrets, drama, jealousy, love and new friendships unleash. Including a new murderer.[CC, Art scenes]

Episodes: 5 (on going…)
Genre: Mystery/Drama
Style: Limelight


FORM :love_letter:
Title: Disingenuous
Description: A crime you didn’t commit? Turns out rehab isn’t the answer. A corrupt boarding school? Deadly rumors and dark scandals. Welcome to Furgwood, I guarantee you won’t enjoy your stay
Author: ~Shania~
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
My episode : ~Shania~
Story Cover:cover

I followed u on episode bc i dont have insta but lemme kno if i followed the right Tyra bc there were bare :sob: :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey thank you for this thread love! I just recently published my new story called Yearning. It would mean the world to me if you would check it out!:two_hearts:The link is down below!

Title: Yearning
Author: Xiomara
Style: Ink
My instagram: @xiomara.episode

All her life, Alondra has been longing for something that was missing in her life. Will she find it when she is on the verge of losing her sanity or will someone help her in time?

Genre: Drama, Romance, Action
Chapters: Only 1-3 are published!


Please let me know what you think or if there are any errors!:two_hearts:

Thank you for this!! Here’s my story:

Title: REVEAL: Downfall
Description: Two years ago, Alorna found out the truth about her heritage. Now, with her past coming back to haunt her, the time has come to pick a side…
Author: Nat.Alia
Genre: Drama
Insta: nat.alia.writes

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Title: The Never Since.

A pregnant teenager is being shipped of by her ashamed parents. She then meets a guy who is head over heels for her, even though she is taken. You decide what happens next.

Author: J Mo

Genre: Romance

Story Cover:

Instagram: @jmo.episode

Title.: Mediterranean Temptation
Description.:Selena Pavlu went to America from Greece to live her fairy tale with her future husband, yet he died after the Wedding and left her at a dead-end. Her only hope to escape it is Marcello Dante, the future leader of the American Italian Mafia.
He is a heartless man with self-control and anger issues, interested only to rule the Mafia and its businesses yet in order to be able to do this, he needs a wife, and Selena is the perfect candidate.

Two lost souls cross the same path and their only choice to escape their dead-ends is to help each other. Will they be able to resist the temptation to do more? Where will it lead them and what consequences will they pay?

Selena Pavlu and Marcello Dante in a world of crime, temptations, and passion.

CC,2LI,Point System,Art/Scenes
Author.: Hope_Stories
Story Cover

Instagram.: @hope_stories

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Thanks so much for this, just gave you a follow!

Title: Royal Affairs
Author: MK Roth
Genre: Drama/Romance
Story Cover:

Your Instagram @ (or Episode):

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Title: Tempting
Description: Being a rich one-hit-wonder having a bad breakup can lead you to some bad circumstances and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. What happens when the two of you collide? LL/CC/CM
Author: Tiffyyyyy
Genre: Romance

Your Instagram @ (or Episode): tiff_episode (Instagram put a temporary ban on my account, once it’s over, I’ll follow)

Hello @tyramoore! Thanks for creating this thread for us! I would LOVE if you could promote my story in your Instagram… :see_no_evil::sparkling_heart:

Title: Call of Duty
Description: Isabella has been assigned as an undercover agent to arrest a crime lord. With a materialistic, rich, and arrogant bad boy as her partner, can she succeed? [cc]
Author: Katherine Evans
Genre: Drama
Story Cover: image
Your Instagram @ (or Episode): @episode_katherinee
Anything else?: NA

Title: Outrè Asteria
Description: Being strangely peculiar in a conventional world is petrifying. Transported into a mystical realm, Asteria begins her journey in discovering her own identity, love and betrayal.
Author: Nora
Genre: Fantasy
Instagram: noraauthor

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Thanks! :two_hearts: