Promotion: A Beautiful Collision

I just published my new story “A Beautiful Collision” today. :blush: It ties back to my previous story “When Love Takes You In” but you can read this as a standalone too (I don’t do R4R, sorry. I just don’t have the time :pleading_face:).

Title: A Beautiful Collision
Author: MerryMary.Episode
Genre: Drama
Style: LL
Description: One school year. Two teenagers. Many moments. Follow Annelise and Clark’s journey as they navigate their senior year after colliding into each other’s lives. Choices semi-matter.

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Hey, @merrymary.episode! Can I add you to a thread for underrated authours? It’s about that some stories should have like millions of reads but they have like 300?

Oh and by the way, If you ever need an edit, intro, outro, character cards,outfits or splashes, you can check my shop! It’s 100% free :heart:

Sure, thank you! :blush:

No need! :heart: