Promotion & Advertising Summer 2024

Hey guys! Promote and advertise your stories, I’d love to see some longer stories as well!
Let’s do r4r and g4g, all communication is allowed. Check my other thread if you want. " Promotion April - May 2024! - Let’s promote our stories, R4R maybe? :wink: "

This is my Story. It’s soon coming to an end though.
Author Name Raven.

Title Fight Alone.

Description “Kia Kane gets withdrawn into a world of deep desires, dangerous choices and ruthless actions with the notorious criminal gang, The Red Drivers. Can she escape her new destiny?”

Genre Romance, Action. Haters to lovers.

Number of episodes 49 (More Coming Soon.)

Style Limelight

Link Episode Writer Portal

Also, I’m working on my next Story, Dark Woods!
Stay tuned.

Drop yours.



After putting a lot of time in it, I finally published yesterday my first story on Episode.
Oh yeah I draw my own covers and art scenes as well.

Let’s go to the story.


Title: Take The Bet

Description: A clean new start at a new school, until Autumn is offered a bet to seduce the most mysterious play boy Kenji Nobu. But no one knows the there are consequences for this yet.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Haters to lovers, High school, Bad Boys.
Number of episodes: Now 1 till 3 is out. I am aiming around 50 till 60 chapters.
Style: Limelight
Instagram: &

Additional information: Full CC, Point systems, Art scenes, One love interest, Choices matter.


Looks amazing! I do my own art too :heart_hands:
This sounds like a very interesting story.

Oh really?! Super nice to see!:star_struck:
Your story also looks really interesting!

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Title O Son Where Art Thou: Happily Ever After

Description You got your happily ever after, but you’ve also ran into a few problems. Find out in this sequel to O Son Where Art Thou.

Genre Comedy, Drama

Style Limelight

No. of episodes 16 (completed)

CC Yes

Instagram @brendan.writes

Link Episode Writer Portal

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Thank you :heart_hands:

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Thanks for the thread! I’m interested in a R4R. :hugs:

Title : Bloodaxe
Summary : The Court of Scots is desperate and seeks the help of an infamous enemy, Freydís the Bloodaxe. Will the shieldmaiden fight alongside her kin or choose her heart over them?
Genre : adventure/ fantasy/ (historical) romance
Additional info : Full CC, option between multiple male or female love interest, point system and different endings.
Story cover:

Story link : -

Instagram: @chanel.stories


Hi everyone! I’m not exactly a new author on Episode, but it’s been a while since I’ve published anything. (I wrote some very cringey stories that have since been hidden from the public eye XD). I decided to get back into writing and finally published the first three chapters of my new story.

Title: Tremora: The Magical Kingdom

Description: When you and your best friend are transported into a book, will you manage to stay alive to find a way home? Or will you two become trapped inside the world of Tremora forever?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Action
Number of episodes: Chapters 1-4 are out now.
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @stacy_episode

Additional information: Main character is female, best friend is male, and love interest is male. Full customization for MC (including name), and full customization for best friend and LI (excluding names). There is a point system that is used for accessing extra scenes.

I look forward to reading all these amazing looking stories, and I hope everyone enjoys mine!

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I’m in! :heart_hands:

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Welcome back girl! :smiling_face:

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Awesome! I’ll dm you.

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Thank you! I’m down to do an R4R too if you’d like. :blush:

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If you want :heart_hands:

Hi, Thanks for the thread!
Here’s my story below if interested:
Also up for r4r.

Title: Partner and Crime

Author Episode.percenitygf

Instagram @Episode.percenitygf


The only gem choice is to support the author at the end

Style Limelight

Episodes 13 14 and 15 out now (Don’t read 16 -17 coming soon)

Kira, finally reunited with her family after being taken away at the age of 7, wonders what will happen when the past of her parent’s past comes back into the picture.


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