Promotion and update thread of new story: The P*ck List

Hey guys :hugs::hugs::blush: i am writing a new story and will publish next week, i wanted to start promoting earlier :blush::blush::blush:

My story’s plot: With the arrival of the new girl, the flame wars have started once again in BarbieWood Academy. After standing up against the Queen Bee of the school and humilitaing her infront of everyone, the Queen Bee offers her a challenge. The new girl now must complete the ultimate challenge, the “Peck List” to make sure the Queen Bee Rileyis is down. She needs to peck 124236357 students who have no desire of dating others and that aren’t ok with their love lives being a bet. Will YOU, the new girl, complete the Peck List and defeat Rileyis or will you just let Queen Rileyis to take whatever she wants from community authors- i mean students…

I hope you guys like it :blush: please look out for it :blush: it’ll be released soon :hugs::blush:


LOL, hard-support for this story :joy:


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