Promotion April - May 2024! - Let's promote our stories, R4R maybe? ;)

I’m sorry there not

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That’s ok, I was just wondering because they were wearing crowns and stuff :wink:

I see your point, I never thought it that way :blush:

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Thank you! :joy:

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I would love a R4R☺️

TITLE: Avoiding the Eye
AUTHOR: Julie Happier
NR. OF CHAPTERS : 3 (on going)
GENRE: Horror
1MC -male, 1LI - female only, art-scenes, sound and music
DESCRIPTION: After Chris hears about the legend of the haunted mansion in Romania, he is determined to find out the truth. But what happens when he falls in love with an inhuman force?

THE LINK : Episode Writer Portal

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Amazing cover, girl! Seems like an interesting story :smiling_face:

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Thank you! Can’t wait for your feedback☺️

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Love your cover!

Here is my story :grinning:

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Ty girl! Yours looks very interesting, I love the layout! :heart_hands:

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I’m so happy to release my debut story London boy. :coffee::coffee: Throughout all the blood and tears I present you the first three chapters! :sob::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Haley, a young designer, moved to London for job opportunities. She meets James, a man without a care in the world. What will happen when they become closer? Will he be able to carry her baggage?

Will she get too distracted, or will this be her London boy?

-FULL CC :fire:

-male love interest

-Friends to lovers :heartpulse:

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Girl, great job! :sweat_smile:

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Hi! I’m new to episode forums and would like to promote my newest story after almost 3 years since my last one :smiley: Btw, your story sounds amazing and I love me some enemies to lovers trope !

Title : Echoes Of Desire
Author : SE (Sheera Erina)
Instagram : @s.erina17
Genre : Romance
Style : LL
Episodes : 5 (ongoing)

Description :

Following the dissolution of her romantic relationship, Erin now finds herself ensnared in a dilemma, torn between two gentlemen who seemingly shares the same first name.

#CC, 2 Love Interests, Point System, No gem choices/wait



Heyy girl, welcome to Episode Forums and congrats on publishing again! :heart_hands:
Thank you so much, your story seems interesting as well, a dilemma drama works all the time :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! I’m planning to read yours tonight, it genuinely looks interesting :smiley:

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Aww ty, I want to start reading yours too! :heart_eyes: I like your cover, very compelling.

Hii folks.

GENRE: Romance, obv with drama and other events

DESCRIPTION: You thought your life was doomed to be monotonously filled with agony.
Well… things are bound to change with the arrival of a mysterious infamous badboy.


CC: limited until now

I love Charmer! Check it out! https// episode [Episode Writer Portal]( Charmer Link )

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I will put the links here so you don’t have to search!

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I like the sound of that! :smiling_face:

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I’d love to do G4G!
Here’s my story!

Title : Hot-hearted

Author: missredicon

Genre: Drama

Status: Ongoing

Customization: Full

Description: Allure was tricked into enrolling to a new school. At first everything seemed ordinary, but over time dark secrets began to come to light, and one of them was a mysterious man.

TROPES: bold MC, mysterious LI, slowburn, high school for troubled teens, bisexual MC, LGBT+ themes, strangers to lovers, high school drama, funny banter, he falls first he falls harder, illegal races, motorcycles

LINK: Episode Writer Portal

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Heyy, ohh slowburn :wink:

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Thank you for this!

TITLE: Baby Doll
AUTHOR: Shabrina Azzahra
GENRE: Romance/Comedy
EPISODES: 1-9 (9th chapter just published)
DESCRIPTION: Through reuniting with her brothers, she meets their friends. She gained an interest for one of them, however, her horrifying past prevents her from pursuing her feelings easily.

Simple advanced directing, POC main characters and character customization

Link: Episode Writer Portal

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