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I’ll be updating again after a bit of a break. Looks like my original was archived. Darn!
I’ve also touched up the earlier episodes just a bit. (Currently up through Episode 4)

~ Link ~


Social Codes for my REVAMPED Episodes

Episode 1 - Bone
Episode 2- Gods
Episode 3 - Love
Episode 4 - Death

Episode 16 is being published June 14th. I hope to have all the Episodes revamped by then.


More Social Codes

Episode 5 - Ebony
Episode 6 - Night
Episode 7 - Law
Episode 8 - Healer
Episode 9 - Art
Episode 10 - Home

Episode 16 will be published June 14th (evening likely). I hope to have all the Episodes revamped by then.

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More ~

Episode 11 - Alizar
Episode 12 - Victory
Episode 13 - Manny
Episode 14 - Sofia
Episode 15 - Ash
Episode 16 - Fame

Sorry if I didn’t understand something, but I dont think it needed to be flagged?
I thought you was listing out your episodes for your story and that’s why I suggested a R4R.

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I just started reading, it seems really good

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Episode 17 was published with the SM code of Parks

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Episode 18 is published.

SM code is Water

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Episode 19 was published.
Social Media Code is Summons.

Episode 20 will be published shortly.
Social Media Code is Zion

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Episode 21 was published.

Social Code is Dreams.

Next week is Season Finale !

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Episode 22 is published

Social Code is Sword

ooh! i’ll definitely be using some of the social codes, rereading the story cause it’s just so good! aaaa great job!

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Thank you :slight_smile:



S3 has started

Social Code is Devils

S3 - EPI 24

Social Code is Angels

me after restarting bad to the bone 3 times to get enough charisma tokens for that jealous moment on ep 15 but always having too little in the end :


edit : somebody please tell me there’ll be more chances for a moment with zion-

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there def is hehe

Episode 25 - Essence

Episode 26 - Chills

Episode 27 - Virtue
Episode 28 - Rae