Promotion / Fan Page / Discussion : Good for the Soul

Good Morning,

I wanted to reach out to the Episode Forum Community and let them know that I have an ongoing story called Good for the Soul.

It’s the sequel of Bad to the Bone if you’ve read it.

It has CC, Mini-Games, a Point System, RPG, and is a fun story to read. You’re more than welcome to pursue any of your teammates as love interests but if you don’t, no worries, that’s the route I recommend anyway.

There’s also a Wikia if you’re ever forgetting a name or want to get some spoilers while you wait for more passes. Social Media Codes | Bad to the Bone Wiki | Fandom

Thank you, have a great afternoon.


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Episodes 11 + 12 have been published. Season One is now complete.

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Episode 13, the first episode of Season Two, is published.

Hello, Episode 14 + Episode 15 are now published.