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Hey everyone. :blush:
I haven’t made a thread of my own before.
I decided that I wanted to enter the H&V contest. I wanted to make it different to other stories.

Below are the details. :grin:
I would love it if you would give it a try.

Title: H&V: Lifeline
Author: Bells.C
Genre: Drama
Story Style: INK
Episodes: 3 (Completed)
Short Description: In a world riddled with comics and fiction comes a tale with a different kind of hero. A hero that isn’t who you would expect.
Instagram: @bellsepisodes

Feel free to share your stories below.
Thank you in advance. :blush: :two_hearts:


Title: H & V: Kaleidoscopic
Genre: Action
Description: There are two sides to every story. Heroes and Villains, but what happens when you try to switch sides in the middle of the war?
Acces through here:
Status: 3 episodes

Gonna start your story now :wink: , I wish the best of luck to you!


Thank you so much, I am going to read your story too. I would love to hear what you think of mine. Best of luck to you as well.:blush::two_hearts::four_leaf_clover:


Hi, Bells!

I have seen you promote your story in the same threads as myself. I assume you have just started out like me, so I suggest we do a r4r. Since our stories are short I suggest we read them till the end so that it looks good on our Rubic score. We can send each other screenshots from the last chapters as proof. What do you say?

Here are my details which I am sure you have already seen :wink:

Name of story: H & V: Fate
Author: Alex Af
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 4 (completed)
Summary of story: Young ambitious journalist hunting down a powerful tycoon who has made a fortune based on lies. But who really is a villain here? Choices matter.
Link to story:
Instagram: (let’s friend each other and promote on IG as well)


Sure, that sounds good to me. I will message you on Instagram?:blush::two_hearts:


I have just setup one :wink:

Shall I send my screenshots to yours then?


Yes please!:blush::two_hearts:


I read your story and I’m in tears, I love the way you portrayed heroes. Your story is an absoluete gem.


Thank you so much, that means the world to me. I am just about to start yours.:blush::two_hearts:


Hi Bells!

Will start reading more tonight and will write you a fanmail and send screenshots.

Here’s my story:
Epi Username: @DCDarling
Author Name: Therese
Story Title: H&V: To the Edge of the Galaxy
Description: A Cyberpunk space odyssey about an Imperial Princess turned hero-for-hire. Go on galactic missions, fall in love & find your inner hero. Sci-Fi Japanese, Roman & Egyptian lore. CC.
Episodes: 3 (on-going)



Thank you so much. Do you have an Instagram account?:blush::two_hearts:


Hi! I do! Please follow me @OhHeyTherese - what is yours? :smiley:


@bellsepisodes :blush::two_hearts:
I’m unable to find yours for some reason. :thinking::two_hearts:


No worries! Just followed you! <3 ohheytherese :smiley:


Thank you so much!:blush::two_hearts:


I would love it if you read my story!
Title: H & V: Deadly Love
Author Name: Afra S.
Description: Adriana is preparing for her wedding unaware of her past which isn’t as normal as she thinks. After a meeting with her parents she discovers a secret which changes her life forever.
Chapters: 3 chapters (Ongoing)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mystery (You will find it in the Fantasy section)
Style: Ink
Additional details: Includes character customization, LGBT love interests, Your choice matters.
Instagram: @episode_afra
Story Cover:
Story Link:


Hey, yours is already on my list. :blush::two_hearts:


Omg I almost forgot! :sweat_smile:


Okay your story looks super interesting- I love the idea of non traditional heroes. It’s next on my list, and I’ll come back and let you know what I think when I finish it!
Here’s my H & V story if anyone wants to check it out!

Title: H&V: Keep Your Enemies Closer
Author: Katpphic
Genre: Action
Description: A possibly evil roommate that you totally don’t have a crush on, a mysterious new hero in town, and a shady plot for world domination? All in a day’s work for your local superhero.


Hi Bells.C! I’ll be sure to give Lifeline a read!

Here’s my entry :blush:

H & V: Blurred Lines

Mars Piper lands her dream job at HERO - the organisation protecting the world from Deviants with ‘superhuman’ abilities.

Little does she know she’s one of them! [CC]

Click here to read it now!

Enjoy :smile: !! And do let me know what you think; I’m @thesktales on Insta!