Promotion: H&V: Pregnant By My Twin's Student's Gang Leader Dad


I just published my H&V entry and wanted to share it.
It is a parody, and should not be taken seriously.
It is three episodes long, complete, and uses ALL THREE EPISODE styles.

H&V: Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad
A J. Miley Parody


Lol. :rofl:
I was thinking, ‘That sure is one heck of a long title!’


I could have made it even longer as it has so much more in it, but… it’s fun!



A must read! :joy:


I hadn’t read the story yet and didn’t realize it was a comedy. When knowing that it really helps the satire of the title stand out even more. :laughing:


Yes, @Jeremy it is 100% satire. :grin:
You should check it out, hope it makes you laugh!


I almost laughed when I read the title of this thread.
Now that I know it is comedy, I shall definitely be checking it out sometime.


For a minute, I was legitimately concerned about this post. Now I have to read it.


OMG… this story is like the Austin Powers of Episode
It is the funniest story I’ve read on Episode and the directing is AMAZING!


Funniest episode ever!
It really takes care of the cliches and makes me laugh instead of roll my eyes lol.


That was what I hoped to do. Although I did realize I missed one cliche. Billionaire.


If you’ve ever used Wattpad, you story kinda reminds me of the “Good Girl’s Bad Boys”.


I write on Wattpad, I’ll have to check in out.


Cool! Can you tell me your story name (I’d love to read it)?


It’s my baby on Episode that I am rewriting on Wattpad. I only have three chapters published on Wattpad, but just published Episode 61 on Episode. Completely opposite of my H&V Story.
I also have another one I am rewriting that I will bring to Episode, but only have 1 chapter published.


It doesn’t matter.
You seem to have good ideas, so I’ll give your story a click!
(P.S. Good luck in the H&V contest!)


Thank you very much!


You’re welcome!


Holy GUACAMOLE that’s ONE heck of a title!! Dear Gosh, do I love it!!!


I’d send you some cringy fanmail to add authenticity, but I’m not sure I want my name tied to that. XD