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Hi! My name is K.S.W and I’m the author of the new story, “Heartless”. It’s about Siela a senior in high school is trying to make her way through life even though everyone is bringing her down.But when a new boy arrives in town Siela thinks he can change her life. But the readers question if he really can .So far I have been trying to promote myself to help gain readers but nothing has really been helping. I was wondering if any authors, or people who know other people could help me. I would appreciate shout out on your feed in the episode app or even your episode forum account. Also I’m willing to help others in any way I can .
(I don’t do read for reads because most of the time people don’t read back). Thanks !!

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My heart breaks that you are not getting the reads that you are looking for. My advice is to ignore the reads until after you finish writing the whole story OR to get as many people as possible to beta-read your story so that it can be as good as possible

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Thanks I will try not to look at my reads:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Do you have Instagram? A great way to gain reads is getting your story reviewed by some of the many popular review accounts as a lot of people follow them to find new upcoming stories. It also works with getting your story reviewed here on the forums - readers can see what good things to expect from reading your story but it also gives you the opportunity to find out ways to improve :slight_smile:

I’ll make one. Thanks! and do you know any popular review accounts?

Fantasy / Romance
Living A Dream - by Mystique

21-year-old Mila suffers from a broken heart and in turn, lost all her confidence. Now she’s making a miraculous recovery as she transforms into a magical being of astounding beauty & power. Will she finally live the life she’s always dreamed of? *Character Customization Available

Will take a look at your new story :slight_smile:

I love this cover! Did you make it yourself?

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Thank you, I get digital images from pintrest and then manipulate them using photoshop, I try to make quite a few changes to make sure they look different from the originals. :slight_smile:


I know how hard it is to get your story read, especially when you put so much work into it.

If you want I can read it and post a story recommendation on my Instagram.
This is my instagram @tldax913.episode. Check it out and if you like how I recommend stories.
If youre interested I can recommend your story.
Let me know and I will add your story to my favorties and read it this week.
Have a great day1


okay thanks!! It will really help


I’ve JUST published a new story about Greek Gods and Goddesses!



Author Name: Giselle Crescent

Genre: Fantasy

Description: Being the daughter of Zeus isn’t easy. Add responsibilities and your mother having cancer topped on with a forbidden temptation to a boy who can rock your world , literally. CC

Small Cover:

Large Cover:



Okay I will read and post a protmotion this week.
what is your instagram handle so I can tag you?
Have a great day!