Promotion of our page on Instagram - @mebynreviews

Hey everyone,:smile:

I’d like to make all Episodians aware about the page that me and one of my friends Robyn have started. We are going to provide the following :-

  1. Reviewing/proofreading
  2. We have hired an editor to assist us in providing help in artwork.
  3. We have noticed many new authors face issue while coding on Episode, we are here to help them out wherever they are stuck.
  4. I am in process of creating a drive which would provide backgrounds, overlays.
  5. We will be providing platform for authors to promote their stories.

We have already started to get review requests which we have began to work on.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: We have successfully reviewed one Clue Contest story which you can find about on our page!!!:hugs:

We are open to new suggestions/feedback and any new requirement requested!!!
If anyone wishes to join you can either comment below as to what do you want to work as or find us @mebynreviews on IG to DM us :heart::heart::heart:

Our page : @mebynreviews (IG id)
Run by: @robyn.3pisode & megha.episode (IG id)