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Genre: Drama

Summary: Skylar is in her early 30’s she was a teen mom and now she’s a single mom to a teenage boy. She’s a successful career woman that works at a record label. She hopes to be promoted as a executive one day. The story explores her teen years for a few episodes then it’ll come back to the present.

Side stories: Sylar’s older brother is kind of in a quasi love triangle and he is a player.

Some aspects of the story

  • Skylar’s Brother joins the arms
    -Skylar took in a teenage runaway
  • Her son acts out a bit
  • There will be some plot twists
  • Skylar’s dad is an ex-con who got his life together but caries the burden of being labeled as a criminal

Thanks for the thread.

Heyy thank you for the thread !

Here’s my story :arrow_down::arrow_heading_down::arrow_down_small:

Tittle : Until You Find My Heart

Description :
Printemps always had a hard life. What else could go wrong? …perhaps a mafia and fantasy mix, turning out being a big lie from her parents? LL

Genre : Fantasy, but has a L.O.T. of romance and mafia in there

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