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Hello Everyone! I’m an author who recently released her first story here on episode.

Here are the details of my story:


This cover will be out once it’s approved.

Title: Cruel Intentions
Author: Khadija.epi
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 3 (more chapters will be released soon)
Summary: You are back. What happens when you embark on a journey to avenge those who wronged you? How far will you go to succeed? [CC + LL]
Instagram: @Khadija.epi

In this thread new authors who have published stories will receive a r4r (from me and others), honest reviews (if requested), as well as this thread to promote their stories. Just leave me the following information about your story, and I’lll be sure to get back to you.

Social Media (if preferred):

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I’ll do a r4r with you and add you on my ig! Let me know when you start mine and I’ll start yours! Author: KandieCane

Story Title: A Juggling Game (LL)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Style: Limelight

Episodes: 6

Story Description: Kara is a full-time student, intern for a top stylist iun the world, and maintains relationships. Is she able to keep up?

Story Link:

Instagram: kandiecane6703

Hi, i just added your story to fav ill read it tomorrow and send you screenshots :grin:

Title: King’s Desire
Author: Piyi.O
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 4 atm
Summary: Your visions lead you to another dimension. You have to hide your identity in order to survive, but how will you manage to do that when you fall for the prince?
Social Media piyi.stories

I’ll start reading your story now!

Title: Gold Leaf High


Author: MTB
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 3 (more to come)
Summary: G.L.H. is a private school for the prestigious and rich. Meet and follow our characters as they start their third year of High School. Love/Family/Friendship/Drama ( I suck at story descriptions tbh)
Social Media (if preferred): Instagram: ep.mtb

Finished reading!


I enjoyed reading it, the episodes are a little too short for my liking.

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Thanks so much!

Your Story

You story is amazing. I really enjoyed the main characters, and the fact that you incorporated diversity. Keep up the good work.

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Let’s do r4r

Title Lost Summer Love
Author TamiRose
Genre Comedy
Chapters 5

Lost Summer Love