Prompt, Challenge, World

This is a game meant to give people story inspirations because I know damn well I need it

They way it works is, the first person says a prompt for a story, the second person says a challenge that goes with the prompt, and the third person says a world that would have the prompt take place in it.

For example;

Person 1: The MC has to solve a mystery about her dead best friend!
Person 2: But the MC is an orphan!
Person 3: And in this world, all orphans have superpowers!

Then it repeats.

I’ll start.

The MC needs to find the dragons sword before the summer solstice, or the dragons kill her!


But the sword is in the dragon’s nest.So creative lol

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But the map leading to the magic sword, was stolen

1: You discover your second identity no one knows about.

You live in secrecy, untill someone learns your secret.