Proof-reader needed... free please

I need somebody who’s great at proof reading to ready my new story Secret Obsession.

I only have a few more scenes to do before I publish it. I would like for somebody to make sure I didn’t misspell anything, if I used the proper grammar and to see is my story is ready to be published.

You can check out my Instagram for the story cover @/writtenby_sr


I don’t normally proofread but I can, it depends how many episodes. I can do 3-4, if that’s ok? :blob_hearts:

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Pm anytime, if u would like me to help u. :blob_hearts:

Thank you, I only have the first 3 chapters… I can pm you when ever I’m finished and all the bg/overlays are approved.

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Ok thank you! :blob_hearts:

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I can do…I did it for some people… :blush:

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Hey! Can I proofread your story?:pleading_face:

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Of course. I’m just have to finish the last scene and then wait for a couple of overlays and backgrounds to get approved then you can. It should be finished my tomorrow.

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