Proof reader(s) needed


Hi there,

I am writing a story and I am planning on publishing it this weekend or the beginning of next week.
Before I publish I need 1 or more people to proof read my story.
You have to be really critical and you have to give advice on the following subjects:

  • Time of the episodes
  • In how far you get the feeling the choices matter (most of all in the 3th episode)
  • How is the language (I am dutch, so I am not native english speaker)
  • Are there flaws in the details?
  • Is there enough happening in the story?
  • Last, but really important, would you continue reading?

If you want to spend this weekend like max an hour to really help me out I would love that.
Just leave a message here and I might reach out to you.


You can send me a share link. I’ll try to read your story as soon and diligently as possible. Also it would be great if you could read my story “H & V: Fake Friend” ( while waiting for my feedback.


Yeah I’d be happy to if you send me the share link. And if you could do the same for my story that would be great: innocence


Hi, I wouldn’t mind helping you.


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