I’m writing my first episode story which is one I plan to publish when it’s done. So far I only have part of episode one finished, but I am doing what I consider complex coding.

I let the player/reader choose between three pre-made characters to play as and they are not customizable. The storylines will be quite different for each character and each character has their own personality.

I’m looking for someone or a few people who would be willing to every now and then test out the story to make sure the coding is working and that who you’re playing as doesn’t change.

I can if you would like. :wilted_flower: :black_joker:

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same here

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Of course! That’d be super awesome.

If it’s okay with you two, I can make a PM between the three of us and share the link with you? So that way you can look it over whenever you have the time.

Yes, that’s okay with me. I don’t know about the other one. yet lolol


yeah thats fine with me


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