Proofread 1 episode for me

Hey beautiful people!

Can anyone proofread one episode for me?
its the first episode for my first story tho
:two_hearts: :two_hearts:


i can babes if your up for it :white_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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really that would be amazing
when can you do it?

well im free now if thats okay ?

okay can i send it to you in 15?

sorry but yeah ofc you can

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HEY your still up for proof reading?

yeah, definitely

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how will you proofread tho?
should i copy paste the entire episode here?

also how much time will it take

you can go to my insta which is the same username as my forums and copy the link and dm the link to me and it depends how long the episode is

should i copy the link here itself

it’ll be easier fro me and you too to do it on the pc


also can you help me with one more thing ?

can you add background character at some scene please?
and also add some paus beats to make episode longer and make sure the layering is right and rich please

ok um im just a proofreader, if you want or need someone to help with bg characters and layering i am not the right peron for this since I’m only just learning coding

Sure I can proofread.

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Here are some threads that may help.


okay i dont want you to customise bg characters but only place them at 3-4 scenes
1-at the bathroom place 1-2 male character in zone 3 or anywhere (you’ll know what i mean when youread the dailogs)
2 -at college when rancor and boys enter(all girls will be looking at them with jaw dropped)
3- at cafeteria
4-at the college hallway where tessa and shanza are talking
5-and 1 in the classroom with 2 seats bg (show the girls jaw drop when rancor enters)

here is the link

Episode Interactive

I know its more work than you do but i am sorry and i’ll make sure to credit you :two_hearts: :heart: