Proofread helpers - Created this many times before

Hey beautiful people <3

I need some help… and I would love to proofread anyone else’s stories as well. Basically I have had a few people review my story and stuff but I was wondering if a few others could as well? If you want to dm me here is my insta- @Kw.writes.2

If you do not have instagram you can just pm me I would love to help others out as well.

– Have a great day, thanks for reading!


I do paid proofreading for $1/episode
Dm me if you are interested love

I have people who don’t make me pay I’m sorry but I don’t want to spend my money on that, saving up for a car!

Episode is very important to me but it’s not worth spending my money haha

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Is there anything else we can work out?

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Try messaging @episodecosmos in IG for free proofreading :smiley:

Thanks love! Will do

@ssea.episode is absolutely amazing and free, I suggest you reach out to her

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@Superpup still does reviews, I think.

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Sorry, mine are actually temporarily closed. :blob_hearts:

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Thank you! :sob: I’m happy to help!

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A doubt related to Proofreading
Someone had published their story already,
It has around 10 chapters.
Now I have to proofread the 11th one which is not published, how shall I do that?

You make a new story and create all of the characters there, you could add full affect if you wanted to but they don’t have to look exactly the same like they would in the published version. You copy and paste the script and there you go! Overlays and backgrounds will already be there if it is the same account! Contact me @Kw.writes.2 on instagram if you need anything!

Ok thank you so much

Of course!

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