Proofread without publishing new chapters

I know there’s a way to share a story without publishing it but what if you want someone to proofread your new chapters without publishing them? Do you still use the same link at the bottom of the page?


Yeah, we can still use the same link

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Thank you!

wlc. I am glad to solved

It didn’t work ):

We were testing it with my friend’s story and it just showed me who already published chapters.

Aren’t you using this link? at the end?


Then what is the error ? can you explain it?

It’s sending us to her chapters that are already published. She wants me to look at the ones she hasn’t published yet in the story, so her new chapters.

oh, I proofread my story by one of my friends when it wasn’t published. So, I am not sure about it.

But you can check if there are the new chapters after the published ones

No after three chapters you can’t read someone’s story before they publish it. You can use google docs and ask her to paste the dialogues and send you. Or if you want to check the directing part too, ask her to create a new story and paste the chapter you wanna check in the 1st episode… Continue doing this for all the new episodes.

Hope what I said isn’t confusing. You can ask me if you have anything you didn’t understand! :sweat_smile:


No, this makes sense. Thank you!

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Glad I could help!