Proofreader/beta reader needed!


So I’m almost ready to publish my first story, but I really wanna be sure I’ve fixed all glitches and minor errors before publishing. I’ve had a lot of trouble with glitches in my portal, glitches that my friends don’t see when they beta read, so I wanna make sure it’s just for me there’s problem.

Anyone wanna help? I’ll credit you of course! :grin:


I can definately try! I’m pretty good with English and grammar and wouldn’t mind helping out! A little warning though… I can be very honest. Just pm me the link!


I’d love to proofreader you story! :yellow_heart:


I’m sending the link to you in pm :slight_smile:

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If you’re still looking for a beta reader/ proofreader, I’d love to help. Just let me know :grin:

Hey! The more the better :grin: I’ll send you a pm!

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OMG I would love to check it out, I’ll be honest with you and make sure it’s okay. If I still can…

Of course! I’ll pm you! :blush:

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