Proofreader commissions open

Hi there! For all of you that have trouble with grammar, spelling, punctuation or simply want a break from the stress writing gives, I’m ready to offer my services. I’m currently going through a Proofreader and Copy Editor course, meaning soon, I’ll be a qualified proofreader! I’m currently half way through the course and believe everything I’ve learned so far is more than useful to you!! I have extensive knowledge on the topic, as well as English being my mother tongue, and I believe it would be a great opportunity to give yourself a break!

This thread is not for coding help, just for dialogue and narration spelling/punctuation errors. If you would like coding help, it can be discussed.

If you would like your story proofread, please PM me, comment down below, or message me on instagram @eroticsinnerr

The amount of chapters will change the price only slightly, sending in bulk is fine!
Example - 1 chapter 400-2000 lines £3/$4
1 chapter 2000+ lines = £4-5/$5-6
Prices will differ from time to time depending on amount.
Payment through Paypal only!!


You can send them to me via email after we have everything sorted. If email is what you choose to use, please email each chapter separately, and inform me which chapter it is. OR if you’d prefer a more simple approach, we can go over that!


  • I can proofread up to 10 chapter at a time, but please keep in mind if that is the case, it will take longer.
  • If it is just 1-2 chapters and ONLY proofreading (editing grammar, punctuation etc) I can have it back to you with 24 hours AFTER I start.
  • We will ALWAYS goes over the timeframe you’re looking to have these back by, meaning you won’t be straying away from your schedule to publish.

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