Proofreader/constructive criticism needed

Hi. I am still relatively new to creating episode stories and am not yet sure how everything works.
I am also not the best writer so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could proofread/criticize my hook for my first episode story. The episode itself has yet to be finished.

Disclaimer because I am still new I am not sure how to send my script over and would need
someone to guide me through it.


Hey I can do proofreading / some feed back if u wanna request in this shop

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I’d love to! just send me a message with your story link! go to the portal, copy this, and send it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much I appreciate you taking the time to help me. :blush:

If you don’t want to get the link from portal then you can go on the episode mobile app , go to create look for the story u want , click on it then the 3 dots next to the play button then you should see a share thing pop up

Click here to see the 3 dots and share

Thank you for help it is very much appreciated. :hugs:

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@Catniss Hi I am a bit confused on how shops work and I was wondering if I am supposed to message you directly or respond to the post?

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U can just pm since ur new and I’ll take it on there . And I can explain a bit more about shops in pm for future reference.

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