Proofreader + Editor

Hey! I’m Dhalia and I’m currently writing two unpublished stories.

These are both in the Limelight style and I would love someone to help check over and give tips to how I could change the story!

Also, I would like them to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Thank you,

I could help. :slight_smile:

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That’s great! Should we DM so we can discuss further?

I could help too if you like :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome! Do you have Instagram so we can message on there?

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Sure! It’s @episode.named

Yes please message me :slight_smile:

Do you have Instagram?

It’s easier for me to message on here as I can do it all on my computer instead of jumping back and fourth from phone to computer and that way it makes it easier and faster :slight_smile:

But if its easier for you yes I do its @bethany1991bradley

We could message on here, but maybe tomorrow because I need to think of a solid plot.
Do you have any stories I could read so I can see your skills?

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I am re working on my story because I have learned so much since starting it let me get a few more regone over and I’ll send you the link on here its INK but I’m also working on a LL I can send you the link and you can see what I have so far of it but the first episode is not done of the LL yet. :slight_smile:

Sure! Once you’ve written as much as you want to show me, we can work from there.

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