Proofreader (English)

Hi everyone!
I’m about to publish my third story, and English isn’t my first language :sweat_smile:. I need someone with fluent or native english to correct the grammar because I have some issues with it :joy:
If you have any questions feel free to ask :heart:
You can contact me in my instagram account @zaloa.episode or just answer here. Thank you so much :heart:

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I think I can help. How many chapters do you need proofread?

I need someone to go proofreading while I write the whole story, I don’t know how many episodes I’ll write yet, but I already have 9 episodes (not published yet because I have backgrounds, overlays and cover to approve :joy:)

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Oh ok, I can try to proof read as much as I can. If you want, you can message me your script, so I can read it and send you corrections.

I wonder how to do that, because I might need to send you the whole script, if you send me your email I can send it to you. With this thing about not having a profile in episode :woman_facepalming:t3:

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You can delete the long lines of just spit directing before sending it. My email is

id love to help as well if you need it!!

Ty :heart:

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On your main page where you can edit your characters, outfits and speech bubbles, at the bottom there is a link, if you copy and send that to me I’ll be able to read your script without it being published yet.

Feel free to contact me on Instagram to proofread for you if its easier! leigh.episode :blush: x

Do those links still work? I haven’t been able to share that link since the took out profiles :woman_shrugging:t3:

It works when I try to share so it should do x

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