Proofreader for hire <33

I’ve recently decided to bring my proofreading onto the episode and wattpad communities as I’ve seen a lot of requests for people of this nature.

Due to my schedule of novel proofreading, as well as my job and a busy home-life, I can only take a few of these tasks on at a time. For the same reason, I also cannot do this for free, so will be charging a reasonable fee.

My feedback is detailed and honest, given in-depth and with suggestions/recommendations and examples etc, and I am also open to further discussing anything that I bring up, to a point, in order to further help.

This service applies to both published and unpublished stories, but please note, that this is not a pay-for-reads service!

Prices: — My currency is GBP

1 Episode - £4
2 Episodes - £6
3 Episodes - £8

+ £2 for each additional episode!

Fees can be paid directly through PayPal (preferred so as to not incur fees - fees, if applicable are to be covered on your end) or via Ko-Fi if you are unable to use PayPal itself.

Do not make any payments until your slot is confirmed.