Proofreader for my story

I need a proofreader for my dark fantasy story :pray: .
In exchange I can offer my help too :llama: .

I would be happy to do it

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Thank you very much, I’ll just fix an error in the first episode and send you the link, I would like to discuss it with you afterwards, do you have an instagram account? I use it more often

yes my Instagram is @nasifa.ahmed

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Thanks, I’m going to follow you (complicatedperson6)
Here’s the link
Btw I still didn’t find out how to fix a glitch in the beginning od the first chapter :cat_shocked: , there’s king not in the idle_rear position, I still need to fix it somehow, but except that the first three episodes Are revamped And I would like to know your opinion about them, thank you!

I could help too, if you’d like :grin:

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Thanks, I would love that!
The glitch Is fixed Now (ať least I Hope So :cat_shocked: ) So please Tell me your opinion on first three chapters, another ones I’m revamping right now

Hey! I need a proofreader as well, so maybe we can help each other? My instagram is annat.stories

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Great! I’ll follow you right now

Hey, so I read your story. Should you like me to tell you what I think about it here, or in a personal message? Also, I would be glad if you could take a look at my story as well, cause I am in a need of a proofreader too :slight_smile:

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