Proofreader for new story

I’m looking for someone to help me check my grammar for my new story! I would really appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon.

I will be more that happy to help :grin:

Great! This is my first tune doing something like this so what would you like from me in order to read the story?

The link or the name I search for it

It’s actually not yet published.

Well ok so i guess u can ask me questions on what ur not sure about now I help u out lime some of the dialog u feel u need help with

I technically have everything on a Microsoft word file if that helps.

Actually I can give you the link from the portal it does go to the story that way I forget it’s there even if your story isn’t published :rofl:

Oh ok let’s have a look

Thanks so much for doing this for me! I plan to try to have it published this week god willing with all of the overlays and backgrounds get approved with in the next few days.

Ok for the first episode I came a cross a number of things and I wanted to know, till which episode will u be publishing?

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Btw love the story

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Thanks! And hoped by Friday or Saturday cause I’m still waiting for the menu screen stuff to be approved. But I want everything to be perfect before then.