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Hello everyone,

I go my Nayac.writes on Instagram, and on Episode. I am a former Episode writer, but always an Episode lover💛. Today, I have decided to offer my services as a proofreader, editor, beta reader, and even help with basic directing.

Over the years, I have developed such a love for editing, and proofreading. I often help my peers, and colleagues with their educational essays, professional emails, resumes, cover letters, even their personal statements for graduate school! It’s truly something I love to do, and would like to dive deeper into, and further develop this skill .

**My services are dedicated to writers whose native language may not be English, writers who struggle with SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar), my services can also go to anyone who is just in need of a second pair of eyes. My services do not involve giving a review of the story. My role is to simply help with sentence structuring, correct use of past and present tense words, proper punctuation, and help with basic directing, if needed, and requested. **

A little info about myself, I am 25 years old, (soon to be 26 next month). I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in Psychology last May. I have 8 years of experience working with children in the education settings. I am currently an Assistant Teacher. I love to read and write and have over 50 books in my kindle library (read!)all from the past year and a half.


**-To ensure you feel you are getting a bang for your buck, I will be editing the first 3 chapters free of charge. This way you are able to see if you are happy with my work, and if it is something you would like to continue with me. If you decide not to, then that will be the end of it, no questions asked. Think of it as a trial period. **

**-However, if you are satisfied with the work of the first three chapters, and wish to continue working me the price will be $3.00 USD a chapter. **

-To ensure your work is indeed getting edited, screenshots, video, even copies of your script before and after will be sent to you to ensure my work has been done, and proper changes have been made.

-To qualify for my services, I am asking that you have the minimum of 5 chapters complete. Stories can be published or unpublished.

DISCLAIMER : please be mindful that agreeing to my services, you are agreeing to allow me to have access to your Episode writer portal to work on your story. If this is a cause for concern for you feel free to PM me here or on my instagram @nayacwrites, so that we may try to find a fitting solution that works for us both.

If this is a service that interests you then please head over to my instagram and fill out a form found in my linktree account in my bio section. I will only be taking 5 stories at a time to ensure I give each story the proper amount of time and diligence.


> If you are interested, please follow me on instagram @nayac.writes and fill out a form located in my linktree in the bio section.


Thank you!

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