🤩 Proofreader / idea giver 🤩 *closed for now*

I have only finished my first episode, but before I continue onto my next episode I sorta need feed back on errors (maybe ideas to make it more interesting for the reader).

You will get credited dw :sparkling_heart:

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I’m reading all my requests today and finish tomorrow.

wait really you will read it?

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Of course, I’ll read yours! I’ll most likely read yours first since you only have a chapter in progress.

Plus I’m a fanatic for proofreading

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thank you, how do you want me to credit you?

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By my forum name would be nice.

I’m also thinking on adding another spot on the waiting list for the personal proofreader.

If you’re interested you can have the spot.

Okk I will fill out the form

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Yeah only if you’re interested!

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