Proofreader needed and a friend (I can proofread too)

Hey I working on my first story and I want someone to be my proofreader I can be yours if you want. And I also want a friend so we can talk about our stories and which stories we recommend and help each other ect. We can help each other and give ideas, share backgrounds, outfit ect.

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I can do that for you and you do so for me

Yeah I would love to!

So how do we start
Let me send the link of my present story

Love at First Bite

What’s your story about
Send me the link

It’s not quite done yet but I have it until episode 3. Is that alright?

I love your story! Im super excited for the next episode I can’t wait!

If u are still looking for one I’m down. I write a story of my own and sometimes need a „motivation“ and having an episode friend will help me a lot


If you are looking for a friend I am here.
And I am also looking for good friendship :gift_heart::blush:

Yes it is

I can do that for you

I am in

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I am really happy to have a friend

Please dm me on Instagram:@nayshi_episode