Proofreader needed. Credit will be given [CLOSED]

Hello, I’m looking for a proofreader to proofread 1 chapter for free.
You have to be proficient in English and can help me to point out any English mistakes in my scripts (I know there are lots of mistakes). I will send you a google doc link (with the directing coding removed so it is easier for you to proofread).

Hi, I think that I can help you! PM me?

Thank you! I’ll pm you the link now.

Hey! I am very good at proofreading! I know very good English, i have proficiency and I would love to work with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tell me and send the link if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! Thanks for responding. Will let you know when i need a proofreader again :white_heart:

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Because I am a bit busy, can u tell me when do you think u will need me? Because i have to schedule my program.

Thanks for responding :relaxed:


Not so soon. Probably for weeks or months from now.

Bump. Any proofreader atm?

I can proofread a chapter for you if you’d like! English is my first language and I love editing so reach out if you’d like!

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I’m available. Will you be willing to pay for proofreading services? Prices are negotiable.

Thank you. I’ll pm you the link now.

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I can’t afford to pay. Sorry.

if you ever need someone again, im availale :blush:

Thanks! I’ll pm you the link.