Proofreader Needed for First Episode 💙

Hi, I have recently written and coded the first episode of my story, Princess Rebellion. I would love it if somebody could read it and review it for me. It is set in this country called ‘Tola’ which is a rich country but everything else in it is as if it was in America or anywhere else. I am open to any suggestions for what I need to change or any grammar points. If there is a big problem, like not enough diversity or anything really important, please say. I am open to anything and really want to make my story equal and not favoured to anybody of colour, sexuality…

Please message me on here, or on my Instagram @rowenj_epi or reply to this post, and I will send you the link.

Found as the king’s child, you join royalty as princess, heir to the throne. Will you play your half-sister’s games before she becomes queen or join the rebellion? CC LL Lesbian


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I can help.

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