Proofreader needed for my OM story! I can pay!

Looking for a proofreader with lots of experience. It can be paid service. :see_no_evil:

No art shops or any kind of shops please.

Please write only those who have LOTS of experience as I am very picky. :smile:


Hey I can proofread for you . If your interested you Can requests in this art shop . ( make sure to follow the rules tho but most don’t apply since it’s proofreading)

( I have proofread for serval people so I do have experience with proofreading )

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@saray.episode can help (:

Thank you, but I don’t like art shops and that kind of stuff.:sweat_smile:

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Oh ok then feel free to pm it . With the link and if u have a due date .

If you still need someone, feel free to PM me here or on Instagram: @winteronepisode. I have quite a bit of experience with reviewing and proofreading, and have been doing it since at least 2015. I have done both free and paid proofreading, and still do to this day.

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Hey! I’d be happy to proofread for you, I’ve DMed you on Instagram :blob_hearts:

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Hello, I’d also be able to help you with proofreading. I am an English tutor, so I can definitely help you with not only grammar and punctuation but style and plot elements as well. I have been proofreading and doing reviews for years. I’ll PM you with details and you can let me know if you’re interested.

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