Proofreader needed for Total Control World

Hello, I would like to have someone fluent in english to help me along the way with my story. I have 6+ stories planned for the Total Control title alone. I work 10 to 14 hours a day and only have time to work on my story 2 days in the week, so I’m rushing through them currently and as a result I’m creating spelling errors and leaving whole words out.

I will offer this to my proofreader

  • A custom background made giving thanks to that person along with forum name and instagram (optional), along with any stories that person may own. This background will be placed at the beginning and end of each story.

  • sneaks of future projects and full consideration of thoughts and opinions about them.

My story may be a bit much to intake at first so here is a little in depth info on what I have planned:

Other ways to contact me
Instagram: @tcworld.epy

I would be happy to help when it comes to proofreading. Just send me the link and we are ready to go!

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Lovely, here you go :grin:

oh! you are sending me the link to the app meaning I will be testing the game. How will I be able to tell and correct every mistake you have? screenshots?

I can do it, I’ll send you a full report on it too!

Lol well yeah. How do you normally do it?

Outstanding…mind you it’s a lot to read especially the first episode

I started reading it, there’s 6 episodes so it’ll take me about 1-2 business days to finish. When I’m done, I’ll PM you the report!

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Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to it :grin:

Constructive criticism is also welcomed :+1:

hey, can I also review it too?

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Of course! :grin: the more the merrier

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Usually people give their username and password to get in and correct everything or if you are clever, have an email account only for episode related stuff. Once the reviewing is done you just need to change your password to have it on safe lock again. :grin:

Nah I use my facebook info to log into mines…sorry

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