Proofreader Needed ! please

Hi, I’m looking for a proofreader for my story Blood Ties if you are interested let me know.
Dm on Instagram :grin:
Title: Blood Ties
Insta: Franny_episode
Description: Alexis a shy teenager trying to be limitless wants to find out more about a secret she uncovered. But what happens when the truth unfolds? and she finds love on the way (CC and LC)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Chapters 1 (revamping the other 3 chapters )


hii Pm me, I would love to be your proofreader @AYOFranny

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hey there! I’ve proofread over 50 episode stories so I’m very experienced in this area. I’d love to proofread for you if you’re in search of a proofreader.
I will read through your text and correct any spelling and grammatical errors. I also fix sentence structure when required.
I’m fluent in both American and British English so I can work with anything.
Feel free to contact me (PM) if you want me to proofread your story :revolving_hearts:
I do charge a very minimal fee which can be negotiated too, thank you :relaxed:

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I am willing to proofread for you! Here’s my shop to request!

Note: I do charge but it’s not real money. It’s just episode gems, that’s all.

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