Proofreader needed!

English is not my first language :sweat_smile:, and I would need a proofreader to help me fix some spelling error inside of my old stories.
I would surely credit you :slight_smile:


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I’ll do it!

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Yay thank you so much, I am going to DM you :smiley:

Your welcome! <3

Hey(: could someone proofread the first few chapters of this story I’m writing, just so i could get some feedback? thank you for answering, whatever the answer​:slight_smile::ok_woman:

I can help if you’re still looking for someone😊

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thank you so much!! I’ve literally just created my account a few hours ago on here so i have no idea how this works​:sweat_smile::joy:

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Feel free to read my post and message me with which option you would be interested in😊

It’s a good idea but there are free proofreaders out there… thank you again though:)


You’re welcome! I’m sure that you’ll find one😊

hi there, i can help, it’s completely free! let me know if you are interested