Proofreader needed! ☺️✨

Hey there!

Does anyone have an interest in becoming my proofreader? :relaxed: I need one lol

The only requests are:

  • have a good knowledge of English
  • have good writing skills

I’m looking for an honest reviewer to join me in my come back to the episode community, and I can help you too! :smiley:


Hi there! If you are interested I have a proofreading shop you can request from. You do have to pay. It’s not real money! Just Episode gems.

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Awesomesauce! :relaxed:

I’ll get in touch with you shortly. :slight_smile:

Hi! In case you still need a proofreader, I can help :two_hearts:

Hey lovely! Of course, I’d love to :relaxed:

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Okay! If you want you can message me here or on Instagram (@epi_summer) with details! :grin: