Proofreader or Coder if needed

Hi! I’ve made this thread for beginners or anyone else who requires help with their script, or a proofreader they want for their stories. NOTE - I can help for quite a lot of people, but sometimes i maybe busy with work, etc. So you must bare with me, anyway comment/pm - if you want code help or a proofreader

Thank you! :wink:

Hey there @Arsenal, please keep offers of proofreading in our Share Feedback category.

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ey there! :see_no_evil: :sunflower:
In my story I have 5 girls that are cheerleaders and I really need a cheerleading template.
For example one where they just stand and do the dances, and the other one where they do the pyramid or something like that.
I have a bit of script written down already.

@BACKRIGHT spot 0.742 269 227 in zone 5
@BACKLEFT spot 0.693 61 255 in zone 5 and BACKMIDDLE spot 0.693 174 252 in zone 5 and FRONTLEFT moves to layer 2
@FRONTRIGHT spot 0.736 224 188 in zone 5 and FRONTRIGHT faces left
@FRONTLEFT spot 0.724 114 190 in zone 5 and FRONTRIGHT is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop and BACKMIDDLE is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop and BACKRIGHT is primp_neutral
@FRONTLEFT faces left

what could be something they do in this position?!

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Hi there @CausticKat, I’ll have a look for you, and inform you in a bit.
Thank you for your patience, im sorry im a little late seeing your comment.


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