Proofreader/Reviewer Available For Free Here :)

I’m currently in quarantine, so I don’t have much to do. If you want me to proofread, review, or do both for your story, drop the story’s title, description, and link. :blush:

:bangbang: A few clarifications :bangbang:

  1. I cannot guarantee that I will read your story, because I only need to quarantine until Monday morning. Whatever I get done in these two days is what you get lol.

  2. I will only be reading as many episodes as I want. I will aim for 1-3 chapters depending on the length.

  3. If you want me to proofread, please specify what you want me to look out for (spot-directing mistakes, grammar, etc.)

  4. Since I do quite in-depth proofreading & reviews, I would appreciate it if you credit my Instagram (@amphia.epi) at the end of the chapter. It is not required though.

  5. This is more for authors waiting to publish! If you just want someone to read the story and you don’t care about a proofreader/reviewer, please let me know.

I will let you know if I will proofread and/or review your story, and then I will send you a private message.


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