Proofreader(s) Needed!

I’ve been writing a new story recently, and I would really appreciate having a full time proofreader to help me read through my story to check for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, anything! You could also give feedback on the story so I can make it more unique!

It would be preferred that you have an Instagram, so I could credit you and dm you. If you’re an iOS user, that’ll be great too because I can iMessage you, but of course, it’s okay if you aren’t.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

If you’d like, you can request here: 🎃 Ren and Jem’s Proof-Reading Workshop 🎃

We can form a three way PM on the Forums and interact within it (privately) or on the main thread, (publicly) if you’d like :blob_turtle:

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Shameless self promo :yay: :joy: Feel free to let us know :yay:


I was hoping for a more private proofreading service, not just from people who have a shop to work on, therefore less time to divide for my story, but I’ll let you know, thanks! :smile:

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That’s alright, I understand, if you ever change your mind, feel free to swing by us :blob_hearts: :nerd_face:

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