Proofreader’s needed!

I need someone to proofread the first three episodes of my story. But the thing is I published it but then I didn’t like the plot so I locked the episodes and re wrote them. I need a max of two people. If anyone is available it will be very much appreciated :blush:

I’m available and would love to proofread your unpublished episodes:)

Thank you so much I’ll private message you right now

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Or if you want you can send me your ig and I’ll dm you there

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You can PM me :blush:

I would be more than glad to, if you would like me to be apart of proofreading your story go ahead and PM me on here

Hey dear! Nice to meet you! :heart:

I can proofread for you in advanced English, but I’m a commissioned proofreader.

Diana’s Proofreading Shop:

  • Better Idioms
  • Grammar and spelling cheak
  • Advanced synonyms
  • Punctuation mistakes
    And a lot more…

Incase your interested please contact my Instagram: @diana.proofreads

Thank you! :heart:

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