Proofreader wanted ASAP!

Hey! My story (Sticks and Stones) has 4 episodes out as of now and I’m working on the 5th. I use a point system and I suck at counting so I might need someone to help with that. Also I’m quite new to story writing so I might have a lot of errors. English is my first language so there aren’t many grammar checks needed but if anyone wants to help, please reply to this or dm me!

I might need you to read my story to get a reader’s perspective on the story and my updating schedule is very erratic since I’m very busy with school and my social life but at the moment, I have a lot of free time because I have a holiday.

Thank you so much! :heart_on_fire:

hey! i can do it but i’m also proofreading some other stories. if you want to send me the link i can do it pretty fast, but i’m currently waiting on my passes to refill if you want me to read it through the app. i can do either option, it’s up to you! (that is if you still need help😊)

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OMG thank u sm! Here’s the link:

I can proofread your story! I am proofreading a lot of stories and I would love to help you!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can do it very fast.

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i’ll read all the chapters tonight :))

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Thank you sm!! <3

@L.S.Writer Thank you!

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