Proofreaders! Calling All Authors and Readers!

I opened up my own proofreading service (it’s not really a service, but I call it that) a month ago for my story, Wrong From Right. I believe in getting my readers, author friends, and supporters engaged in my Episode life. Meaning, I am giving them all an opportunity to proofread each of episode of Wrong From Right before I release it. Isn’t that cool?

The Stipulations:
I will only pick ONE author and ONE reader to proofread the same episode before I release it. That way I can get an opinion from both a reader’s and author’s perspective. If you are reading Wrong From Right, then you are able to be a proofreader because you know the story. I’m open to any author proofreading my story as well, but of course, you have to know my story and it’s plot as well. I hope those stipulations aren’t too complicated for you guys to understand. Here’s the form to fill out to be a proofreader down below:

Note: Please contact me via Instagram @brianam.stories or comment down below saying that you filled out the form!
Thank you!


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