Proofreading After Publishing

If someone has already published their story, but wants non-published episodes to be proofread before they continuing publishing their episode chapters, can they do that by sending those unpublished episodes to their proofreader and it showing up in the Mobile Create “Friends’ Stories” section? So can you publish a few episodes at a time, while having the other episodes get proofread before being published?

I hope that makes sense what I’m saying!


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Hey if I understand what your asking correctly . Your wondering if someone has a publish story and wants to get a unpublished chapter looked at . Would they be able to see it with the story link you sent ?

If that is your question then from my experience you can’t see those . You can only see the published ones .
If you want to avoid this you can do one of - couple of ways .

  1. Log into their writers portal and look at it there
  2. Log into their account on the episode mobile and look at it there (like where you go to there profile and look at it like your creating it )
  3. Let the proof reader know your about to publish the next chapter and then once published have the proofreader read that chapter and give feedback immediately so the author can fix it .
  4. Copy the script on Google doc and then have the proof reader paste it with their characters and do it that way .

If that isn’t your question then can you please rephrase it ?

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No I think you answered it. I’m proofreading a story for someone and they have some of it published already, and I wanted to proofread the unpublished episodes before they posted it.

I proofread stories by having them email me their script while I read their story at the same time so I can more easily fix things. So, basically they either have to not publish their story until it’s completely done, or have me fix their mistakes after its already published?

It seems like there would be a way where we could proofread future episodes before them publishing them… but I guess not.

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!

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If you want to see the script played out you would either need to get their script and put it in YOUR portal or have them publish it OR go into their account either thru the episode app or in their episode writers portal .

Yea I thought there was a way too but I haven’t found a way to do it . Maybe a suggestion as something episode can add ?

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Well I use the script they email me to make corrections and I highlight what I changed so they can decide if they want to make those changes or not. But I do it while also reading their story so I have both formats in front of me. I guess I could always put in in my account and still do it that way though. I just don’t want them thinking I’m going to take credit for their story. But I guess it would still play out the same either way. Thanks for that suggestion!

And yeah, I think maybe we should make it a suggestion that unpublished episodes can be proofread before publishing so that way the author doesn’t have to keep fixing mistakes that people find since most will (or should) be found by the proofreader. I hope they’ll be able to add that as an option!


Yea the only problem with putting it in on your side is if they have any ol’s or bg’s that ARENT on your account it is gonna give you a error .

They honestly should and hopefully they do add it .

Yeah that’s what I worried about also… was all of the errors I’d see if it were in my account. But having them email me the script and then watching the episodes seem to work for now… it just sucks they have to be published all at once if they add more episodes!

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Hey, I’ve seen many people do this, so here’s what you can ask the author to do. Basically, they can put in like a secret code so that only you can enter the chapter. I can’t really explain how to do it, so I can give you a code you can send to the author instead.


This story is currently being proofread. Please enter the code

label proofread_code

input Please enter code.|Please enter code.|Done(SECRETCODE)

if (SECRETCODE is “randomcode”) {

Moving on to proofreading

goto continue_chapter

} else {

Wrong code.

goto proofread_code

label continue_chapter

Chapter 1...

In the brackets with “randomcode” the author can place any word, give the code to you, and now only the proofreader can enter the chapter, even though the chapter is public. I hope this will help.

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That is seriously the weirdest thing I’ve heard! Does it really work? I’ll have to see if one of the people I’m proofreading for will try it out.

Do they enter it before all the other code I’m assuming?

Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely have to try it out!

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I’ve never seen that before . I’ve only seen revamping stuff and where the chapter is locked .

I tried it, but you won’t be able to preview it on the episode interactive website, you’ll have to put the code in your script, then enter the app and see if the code works on the app. The author can still preview unreleased chapters on their account, and if it works for them, they can publish it without complications.


Also, there’s no tutorial about this thing whatsoever, so I tried my best to make this work. I can’t guarantee it’ll work, but it’s worth a try. It worked for me though so I think you should be safe lmaoo

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I’ll have to try this out too . I didn’t know about this , nor have seen it.

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Did it work for you as a proofreader or as someone who was getting their story proofread? I wonder if that makes a difference…

I don’t have experience with proofreading. However, I’ve seen some authors use this method. I always check if the stories I read have new chapters, and that’s something that would pop up! And the authors that use it seem to use it over and over again, so I think it works for them.

Do you know the names of any of these authors by chance? Or their story titles? I want to check with them to see if it works too!

No, sorry. It’s probably amongst some of the current stories I’m reading, but I don’t remember which stories used this method, I just know I’ve seen it somewhere.

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