Proofreading alert!😀

Okay I have been reading some post of some people about helping people with poor English to proofread their stories so I thought why don’t I help…am good in speaking especially public speaking and an a good debater in school…I can spell properly… don’t wanna brag or anything but I truly have all these qualities as a person like I mean am good at all these I mentioned so am willing to help if you need any help I’ve got plenty of time I’ll help you just reply to this post if you need my help
Thank you…:kissing_heart:

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Hey! Would you mind checking mine? :sweat_smile:

Yes I would and for the info it’s actually episode stories I can help you proofread I saw people posting things about it

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Yeah! It’s an episode story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Should I send you the link?

Yes or just state the details :kissing_heart:

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Here you go :heart:
Name: Learning To Love


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I’ll check it out…but first I wanna know if u are English

No, I’m not. I’m from Spain :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok… just to assure you I’ll check out your work thank you…

Ok :heart:

Here’s the part two of my previous post…so just to refresh some people’s memories and also those who haven’t actually read the part one of this post I said before that I’ll be helping people who don’t actually speak English or those who aren’t too good in it no offense tho’ to proofread their episode stories that he/she may want to publish :relieved: and I don’t wanna say much but if you need any help at all please reply to this post or pm me I’ve already gotten one customer if I wanna put it that way and I’ll love to thank her here for acknowledging my help… thanks @clau …so as I was saying if u need help whatsoever just reply or pm me I’ll be happy to help and am not too booked…
Love y’all :kissing_heart:

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Hi, I could really use some help with my unpublished story. Hope you can check it :pray::blush:

Couldn’t check out my messages on ISO but put up Ur story here and I’ll check it out

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Yay thank you for your willingness to help! Here’s the link to my story. Hope to hear your feedback. :blush:

Sure and sorry for the late reply my studies got in the way

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