Proofreading, beta reading and coding for free. (Open)

So, I know many people require somebody to do the above mentioned things for their story but most people cost money for it. So I thought I can use my talent for helping you guys ( I have experience for the above mention things so don’t worry.) though I will only do it for a limited period of time as I am free right now and later on I will get busy in my personal life. Only thing I ask for helping you guys in return is credits. So, I want you to Credit me as @sofia.writes123.
To request you need to fill this form :-


Just filled in a form!

hey, I read your response and would love it if you can pm me your login Id and password of episode studios. So, I can proofread the chapter 5 and 6.

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Thanks for replying! I was wondering whether I could copy my script to google doc and send it to you instead? (Because I don’t remember my password ahahhaha)

Its ok, you pm me your script.

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THANK YOU so much for you help!!! This is awesome! :smiley:

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