Proofreading/Beta reading your stories for free! (CLOSED)

Hey everyone! So I’ve decided that I could proofread some stories if anyone needs it. And don’t worry, it’s completely free! :blush:

Here are some things to know about me if you want me to proofread your story:

  • I am fluent in english and I know grammar well. If there are any grammar/punctuation errors in your story, I’ll let you know.

  • I’m not going to sugarcoat my opinion of your story. I’ll be brutally honest :joy: if there’s any issues with it, I’ll point that out.

  • When I’m done proofreading your story and when you publish it, I would really appreciate credit at the end of the chapter, because reading takes a while and highlighting, marking and explaining the errors is also a challenge that requires a lot of time. So if you could credit me as the proofreader, I would love that! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s mostly it. If you want me to proofread your story, let me know down below. And these are some things which you will have to mention:

  • Your story’s name and description.
  • The poster (optional)
  • The genre
  • Story link

Once you’ve commented, I’ll send you a message of my opinion of the story. I’ll also let you know if there are any mistakes in it along with it how to correct the errors.

Currently proofreading for (These are the authors I’ve proofread for or are currently proofreading for):
(Some aren’t tagged because of the tagging limit.)
This is for all those who need a person to proofread your story :heart:


It’s nice of you to do this.:blush::+1:


Hey! Can i send u my story that’s already been published 2 weeks ago? It’s a contest entry…I couldnt properly get time to get my story proofreaded :sweat_smile:


Yes sure! Send me the details :heart:

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Thank you! :heart:

It’s nice of you to do this.
If you have time you can do mine!


Title: SWY: Law Hearts
Description: Audrey Summers has to work on a case with the last person she expected. Will she fall for his charms and is history going to repeat itself?
Genre: Romance
Story link:

Yes, of course! I’ll message you for more info related to it :blush:

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Sorry, I didn’t realize it was in the wrong category :sweat_smile:

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Hey, do you proofread unpublished stories ? :slight_smile:

Hey you :smiley:
It’s really nice that you do this!
Do you want to proofread my story? I actually published 3 episodes, and I’d really like an honest opinion.

Story name: In the shadows
Description: Cris is a troubled boy with a dark secret. Everything gets more complicated when Valentina Rossi finds her way into his life. Can he hide in the shadows?
Genre: Drama

You plan the perfect All girls trip , It includes everything you love
Friends, relationship, parties… But what you didn’t expect is to stumble upon a dead body!

Yes, I do! :blush:

Hello! Thank you so much! Yes, I’d love to proofread your story. You can PM me the information :heart:

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Sure, I can proofread it! I’ll PM you.

hey ! can you proof read my story too. I have first 3 chapters ready!

Of course! :heart: We’ll discuss it through PM’s.

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Hi! List of people that I’ve proofread for this month has been updated:


If you didn’t want to be tagged, so sorry! :blob_hearts:


Hey, If your requests are open-
Can you Beta read my story?

  • Your story’s name and description: Unspoken Attraction
  • Description: After being trapped for 4 yrs, Crystal finally escaped.
    Can she stay away from her past? Will she find her mate in these life events? And most importantly, will she…accept him?
  • The genre: Fantasy (It’s a werewolf story)
  • Story link: It’s unpublished. So, I’ll pm it.

I feel like there are lots of plot holes in my story. And I want to know if it is good enough I publish…cuz I’m losing motivation lately, and I feel like no one will read it :confused:
(I have 2 episodes. But chapter 2 is not completed yet .)

Sure! You can PM me with more details like how many episodes I should read and stuff like that :blush: