Proofreading/Constructive Critique and Detailed Story Advice etc Service

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Hello, I was looking into this however I’m currently in the US so how can I pay you for the service?

Hi, you can pay via PayPal for any country, you just have to follow the steps and convert the money to the correct currency (GBP) on there. Aside from that, there’s the option to pay via Ko-Fi, however if the payment is being made that way, I do ask for a small increase in the donation to cover the fees. If you’re interested, feel free to DM me and we can discuss further :slight_smile:

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£6 for 3 episodes!

£5 for 2 chapters (patreon bonus scenes (written in novel format etc)

Available until midnight 31st December GMT

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Ooooh, I’ll have to remember to hit you up if you’re still open by the time I finish editing my first chapter.

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Hey, sure :blush: It’ll still be open, don’t worry

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I have to say that the advice you gave me was incredibly helpful. You not only covered grammar mistakes but also provided feedback on directing, errors, and even historical facts in my case. The feedback was very detailed, and every mistake I made was explained in depth with suggestions on how to improve it. I learned so much from you!

For anyone who is planning to publish their story, I highly recommend getting it proofread like this. It’s definitely worth it, and it will take your story to the next level.


Thank you for leaving this lovely feedback, it has been my pleasure to proofread for you and I am glad I was able to help :blush::blush:

the advice you gave was very helpful, and i really feel like it brought my story to a new level! i loved how detailed your input was; it really did a lot. thank you!!

i definitely recommend!!

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Thank you! I’m really happy I was able to help you and appreciate your feedback! :smiley:

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